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By combining our knowledge and love for karaoke SUNVIG have created powerful and unique products that will transform any room into a karaoke environment. Our aim is to provide safe and creative karaoke products that are fun and enjoyable for everyone.

We have created the very best karaoke systems for use in all areas, for every budget, that offers our customers more than just an experience. From our karaoke systems to our custom made turn-key designs of private karaoke rooms, our products will attract more visitors, create more entertainment, increased revenues and returning customers.

singpad childeren kid's entertainment


Karaoke entertainment for kids

The SingPad is a new innovative karaoke system for children. The design, robust construction and user-friendly interface make it possible for children to self-operate the system.

Benefits of the SingPad:

  • Easy to install on wall or stand (optional)
  • Audio system with volume limiter
  • Suitable for children 7-14 years
  • Easy to clean
  • Strong and durable
  • Rebranding possibilities

Karaoke Experience Center

SUNVIG have created Europe’s only Karaoke Experience Center!

Customers are welcome to visit the center that is complete with our full range of professional karaoke products they can experience in our 5 private karaoke rooms.


The karaoke business has continued to grow rapidly in recent years in a variety of ways, in pubs, clubs, restaurants and more recently in private karaoke rooms. It is forecast to triple in growth in the next few years.

The Global Karaoke Market will reach USD 5,733.77 million by 2024.

(See link: Karaoke Market Research Report)

SUNVIG has successfully delivered karaoke solutions to many clients. We are seeking partners that will join us in expanding this successful business.

sunvig professional karaoke solutions
software hardware

System Software

Our systems come with innovative karaoke software and has a user interface as easy to use as Spotify.

The system comes complete with its own operating system and internal storage. It does not operate on a tablet with an app that requires streaming.


  • Playlists
  • Integrated digital mixer
  • Internal storage
  • Automatic song updates
  • Scoring system
  • Vocal support


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Professional Karaoke systems

High quality, easy to use karaoke systems.
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Save money by working with us.
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Production time

We offer a speedy production time.
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Experience of the market leader

SUNVIG will guide you through the whole process of designing and building a private karaoke room. Make use of our valuable experience.
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Turn-key design

We deliver the full range of services turn-key.
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In-house production facilities

All of our products and services originate from our factory based in the Netherlands.
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Delivery and installation

We take care of all delivery and installation requirements.

Confidence in our products

Customers are always welcome to visit our Karaoke Experience Center in the Netherlands to try out our products and in-house karaoke rooms.


We will help you build a successful karaoke business or upgrade your current situation. Contact us now!