Après Ski

Après ski music is a genre of music that we commonly associate with ski resorts and winter sports. The term “après ski” is French for “after skiing.” And it refers to the social activities that take place after a day of skiing or snowboarding. Après ski music is typically upbeat and energetic, with a focus on danceable rhythms and catchy melodies.

Après ski music has its roots in the folk music of the Alpine regions of Europe. Where we use raditional instruments like the accordion, zither, and alphorn to create festive music for celebrations and gatherings. In the 20th century, as ski resorts became more popular. The music of the region began to incorporate more modern instruments and styles.


Today, the music is a mix of traditional folk music, pop, dance, and electronic music. We characterize it by its lively tempo and high energy, with a focus on getting people up and dancing. We often play it in ski resort bars and clubs, as well as at outdoor festivals and events. Some of the most popular aprés ski songs include “Anton aus Tirol” by DJ Ötzi, “Skandal im
Sperrbezirk” by Spider Murphy Gang, and “Hüttenhammer” by Peter Wackel. These songs have a catchy melody, sing-along choruses, and upbeat rhythms.

Après ski music is not just popular in Europe, but also in ski resorts around the world. In North America, ski resorts in Colorado, Utah, and British Columbia all feature après ski music in their bars and clubs. Even in non-skiing areas. Such as beach resorts or music festivals, aprés ski music can be found as a way to create a party atmosphere.

In recent years, some DJs and producers have begun to incorporate elements of aprés ski music into their sets and tracks, creating a new subgenre of dance music known as “ski house” or “ski electro.” This new style of music combines the high energy of traditional aprés ski music with modern dance beats and electronic sounds.

Overall, aprés ski music is a fun and festive genre that is closely associated with skiing and winter sports. Its high energy and catchy melodies make it a popular choice for parties and events, and its mix of traditional and modern styles has helped it to evolve and stay relevant over the years.