Tagalog music, also known as OPM (Original Pinoy Music). Refers to music that is created and performed by Filipino artists in the Tagalog language. It is a vibrant and diverse genre that encompasses a wide range of styles and influences. Reflecting the cultural heritage and traditions of the Philippines.

One of the most important and popular styles of Tagalog music is ballad. A slow and sentimental style that often features romantic lyrics and lush instrumentation. We know of the most iconic Filipino ballads for their emotional depth and poetic lyrics. And have become beloved classics in the Filipino music canon.

Another important style of Tagalog music is rock. Which has a long history in the Philippines dating back to the 1970s. Filipino rock bands like The Eraserheads and Rivermaya have achieved international success. And their music often features a blend of Western and Filipino influences, incorporating elements of folk music, pop, and punk.

Hip hop and R&B have also become increasingly popular in the Philippines. With many Filipino artists putting their own spin on these genres. Some of the most successful Filipino hip hop artists include Gloc-9 and Andrew E. We know them for their socially conscious lyrics and catchy beats.

In addition to these popular styles, Tagalog music also encompasses traditional folk music and regional genres like the kundiman, which originated in the Visayas and Mindanao regions of the Philippines. These styles are characterized by their rich melodies, poetic lyrics, and intricate instrumentation, and are often performed at cultural events and celebrations.