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We create Private Karaoke Rooms


Private Karaoke Rooms are a popular and trending entertainment concept! Do you want to know why?


We specialize in developing turn-key Private Karaoke Rooms. 

Attract more customers with Private Karaoke Rooms

NO.1 Trend in hospitality is social entertainment

If you are looking for a Private Karaoke Room, SUNVIG is the design and construction specialist that will help you with our in-house team. SUNVIG have built rooms throughout Europe in varying lay outs and sizes.

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We can style the room to any theme of your choice. Our team will be happy to advise on the options that best suit your venue.

Designing Private Karaoke Rooms

Order a turn-key or custom private karaoke room from us, for a complete design that includes our unique karaoke systems.


We design and develop bespoke room concepts taking into account the characteristics of the location.

We also consider
  • Sound reduction
  • Construction options
  • Sound and vision layout
  • Electrical requirements
  • Airconditioning and ventilation
  • Mood lighting
  • Capacity

After a sight survey, we make the drawings.

drawing karaoke room


We provide all technical equipment

  • SUNVIG Karaoke system
  • Screens
  • Balanced sound system
  • Controllers
  • Wiring
  • Lighting plan (DMX optional)
  • Microphone and acoustic plan
karaoke station
station sing karaoke
karaoke room system
Designed for private karaoke rooms
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karaoke wall jukebox


We complete the room decorations based on the customers designs.

SUNVIG collaborate with Dutch furniture manufacturers to ensure a high quality finish for each room. We also consider all safety aspects including fire proofing and sound proofing in our detailed designs.

private karaoke room

Installation & Service

Our team of experts prepare and ship all the products from our warehouse, ready for fitting at the customers location.

Once installed it will be tested, approved and certified for use.

The SUNVIG support service is always available after installation.

Our installations comply with all EU safety regulations.

nen1010 vca certifications
private karaoke room installation


professional system

Professional Karaoke systems

High quality, easy to use karaoke systems.
save money


Save money by working with us.
quick delivery

Production time

We offer a speedy production time.

Experience of the market leader

SUNVIG will guide you through the whole process of designing and building a private karaoke room. Make use of our valuable experience.
turnkey room

Turn-key design

We deliver the full range of services turn-key.
own production facility

In-house production facilities

All of our products and services originate from our factory based in the Netherlands.
Delivery and installation

Delivery and installation

We take care of all delivery and installation requirements.

Confidence in our products

Customers are always welcome to visit our Karaoke Experience Center in the Netherlands to try out our products and in-house karaoke rooms.
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Contact us!

Our informative consultants are always available to advise with your requirements.

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