Software is very important for all SUNVIG products. Our software has a unique operating system with its own internal storage built into our hardware. Unlike most operating systems whose functions are limited and restricted by windows based systems and apps, etc. SUNVIG have a completely stable system with fully encrypted, secure service, that comply to EU guidelines. Every month we deliver software updates and new karaoke songs to our systems. 

Quick features

  • Playlists
  • Vocal support
  • Scoring system
  • Automatic song updates
  • Integrated digital mixer

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Want to know more about our karaoke songs?


Our easy to use interface links the karaoke software directly to our playlists. This enables a quicker song search.

software main screen

Opened playlist

catalog open interface

Our database is as easy to use as Spotify.

search as google

In addition, search by music genres.

search on genres

Add songs to the queue list. Optional vocal support if required.

add song to the que

Song tempo and key can always be changed.

change tempo and key

Optional scoring system.

karaoke score


Customize colors, background music and videos.


Lyric layouts can be changed.

lyric rows
background 2
background 3


All SUNVIG products include an easy to use digital mixer for volume control, tempo, key change and vocal effects.

built in mixer software
mixer delay
mixer reverb

 Advanced technical mixing

4-band parametric EQ and gain settings for microphones

4-band Parametric

31-band graphic EQ, noise gate and compressor on all outputs

31-band Graphic EQ, Noise Gate and Compressor on all outputs


SUNVIG software is protected against any misuse and unauthorized access.

software security

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