About us

SUNVIG is a joint venture between Sunfly Karaoke Ltd and Karaokeconcurrent vof.

We have developed several karaoke products that are manufactured in Rotterdam (The Netherlands) and conform to all European and worldwide safety certifications. The SUNVIG products are delivered with a unique database of over 20.000 karaoke songs in various languages, many of which are produced in our own studios.

We are proud to have opened the first “Karaoke Experience Center” in Europe. It has private karaoke rooms and a full working display of our products.

SUNVIG offer full design, technology and installation services for karaoke bars, private rooms, event venues, theme parks, airports, private cinema’s etc.

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We offer turn-key private
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Professional Karaoke systems

High quality, easy to use karaoke systems.
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Save money by working with us.
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Production time

We offer a speedy production time.

Experience of the market leader

SUNVIG will guide you through the whole process of designing and building a private karaoke room. Make use of our valuable experience.
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Turn-key design

We deliver the full range of services turn-key.
own production facility

In-house production facilities

All of our products and services are produced from our own production facility based in Holland.
Delivery and installation

Delivery and installation

We take care of all delivery and installation requirements.

Confidence in our products

Customers are always welcome to visit our Karaoke Experience Center in the Netherlands to try out our products and in-house karaoke rooms.